Thursday, March 26, 2009

Seat me next to the quiet starer, please

I stumbled across this neat website,, which is dedicated to the amelioration of bloggers block. They provide you with various prompts to get the creative juices flowing. Curious as always, I decided to check it out. This prompt caught my eye:

Who would you rather be seated next to on a daylong bus trip: a talkative person with a really irritating voice, or a quiet person who keeps staring at you?

So here's my response:

As a knitter, I usually spend long trips knitting away at my most recent project. This naturally draws stares from curious passengers. I'd much prefer having a quiet person continually staring at me then the talkative person who would ask me a million dumb questions about my knitting starting with "are you expecting a baby?" and moving on to my all time favorite, "I've always wanted to learn but just don't have the time to knit." Puh-leaze! I hold two jobs, don't talk to me about not having the time - I manage to fit knitting in my schedule any way I can, one of which being bringing my project with me on a daytrip.

As my husband can attest to, when working on an intricate project the worst thing to do is to distract a knitter. I imagine that if I'm riding the bus alone I would absolutely take one of my most complicated projects because I know that I won't be distracted by others. It's no wonder that "Not now, I'm counting" is an oft heard knitter's mantra. If I had to sit by that annoying talkative person I would go batty with irritation and it would be all I could do to hold my tongue.

The thing I've learned about those quiet starers is that sometimes they will have the best and most original knitting questions. Face it, they've been watching, and calculating all the while so when they do finally speak up it's usually worth listening to. I would take that kind of stranger over the other any day!

So now, how would you answer that question? What would your rational be?

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