Saturday, March 28, 2009

Ah Crap

I somehow managed to totally miscalculate my yarn order for Shalom. How did I not notice that each skein only has 82 yards? Why did I not check other Shalom projects and see how much yardage the ones modified to use worsted weight actually consumed until after my eensy weensy box of yarn arrived??

The only excuse that I could think of is that I took the calculations from one of the other types of yarn I was debating and just applied that same number to this yarn without double checking. That's a little lame, even for me.

Here's hoping that Knit Picks still has plenty of the same dye lot in stock!

Mary, to answer your question, yes my guess is that knitting limbo is where you have to do one of the following tasks and nothing else:
  1. sew seams and weave in ends
  2. calculate and re-calculate gauge without ever getting it right
  3. be surrounded by gorgeous yarns but have no needles to work with (nor any way to construct makeshift needles)
  4. Pick up dropped stitches 100 rows back on a project that is either extensively cabled, fair isle, or double knit.
  5. Work on a complicated lace using a dark colored fingering weight yarn (which constantly splits) in very low light without a row counter, life lines, or stitch markers.
  6. order yarn for a project and then finding out that it won't be near enough and you'll have to wait another 2 weeks for the shipment.

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