Monday, March 9, 2009

And Perhaps Not...

Per Mary's request, I finally sewed the buttons onto my Bulky Cable Sweater and took some shots. Well actually I had to drag my hubby away from his ukulele in order to snap the photos. See how happy he was?

Guy insisted that I had to show off some of the cables on the arms, so we ended up with quite a few hammy poses such as these:

After finishing up this sweater, I have to admit that I'm a little disappointed. It's a little big, which is normally okay, but the neckline nearly falls off my shoulders. I'm thinking that I may want to pick up some stitches for a yolk of sorts. Have any suggestions how best to do this?

The buttons that I picked out worked perfectly, although I think I may want to reposition them. Only time will tell if I actually put forth that effort. I'll probably end up giving this sweater away, since all I can see in it are the flaws.

In Knit Knack news..
I mailed out the last of my blanket squares today, so those of you who were (not so) patiently waiting for my squares now have your very own. Of course, in my (not so) hastiness to ship them off I totally forgot to snap a photo. If any of you feel up to sending me a photo of the square I made I'd really appreciate it for my ravelry page!

And lastly the design-in-project...
I was making some serious headway on this draft of the tam, then I noticed that it was getting a lot bigger than the first draft. I hadn't realizedthat I was nearly finished with one too many repeats of the pattern! Then I frog backed to the end of the previous repeat and somehow really screwed the pooch.

Yup, I managed to mess up my own pattern. It takes an extra special knitter to do that! So test knitters, don't hold your breath, since I've clearly got some kinks to work out.


  1. Ohhh! The sweater is really pretty! I am clueless as how to go about fixing the neckline, but I know you'll make it happen. Don't give the sweater away. I considered doing the same thing with my green gable and now I'm so glad I kept it.

  2. Great Sweater!
    Cute Husband!

  3. If you give the sweater away, give it to me. YEAH!!!

  4. oh that sweater turned out really yummy. I like the dropped shoulder look (sexay) but you could pick up the stitches and knit ribbing...or something ;)

  5. The third picture of ya reminds me of Jesus for some reason :D

  6. Thanks for all the support! Perhaps I'll give the sweater a second chance now (and if that doesn't work, maybe send it to Erin!).

    Robb, it's just my saintly aura shining through, that's what makes me so Jesus-like.