Sunday, July 26, 2009

Some FOs and Yarn Porn for ya

I was able to finish up Windansea rather quickly - she turned out just lovely! I still haven't added in the elastic around the base of the crown, but that shouldn't take too long at all. The only problem was getting the wire to sit in a nice circle (I'm still working on manipulating it just right). For that reason I thinking that a little thicker gauge wire might be better than the 18 gauge that the pattern calls for. After finishing up this project I've discovered that this would be a perfect hat for Guy's Grammy, so it will probably go her way come Christmas time.

I also started a set of Spirogyra mitts last week. Guy and I were going for a double feature at the theater and I needed something that would be simple enough for me to work on while in the movies. This pattern is perfect for that!
I'm also in love with the buttery tones of the Art Yarns Supermerino (color 223). It's hardly noticeable in this picture, but there is a subtle change of the yellow throughout the yarn which gives it a little more texture. Many thanks to the Knit Knacker who sent me this gorgeous yarn in a previous swap (I think it was Steph, but I might be wrong - sorry I don't remember exactly!).

I'm so pleased with the Spirogyra pattern that I've decided to dump my other swap project for my Knit Knack Buddy at the 11th hour and make a set of these for her instead. Sure, there's only a week until mailing, but I'm confident that I'll make the deadline. I think I found a great yarn that she'll like as well. It's Schaefer Yarn's Lola, a superwash merino wool. The color initially attracted me, and then I liked it doubly when I read that it was part of the Memorable Women color series. This particular color is called Indira Gandhi and the tag has a short little bio of her life (Click the link above to see who else made the cut).

I found that yarn yesterday when I was picking up a quick class at Ancient Pathways. They were holding classes all day yesterday for their "Christmas in July" event so that we could all get a jump start on our holiday knitting. Here's the cute little ornament that I made:

Isn't that just adorable? I'm debating whether or not my folks would appreciate this kind of ornament or think of it as just another kooky gift from me.

Aside form the Lola yarn, I also got to pick up these two skeins. The top one was hand dyed locally by AP shop owner Meg and will be sent to my Knit Knack swap buddy with her mitts. The bottom one is from another local artist, ravelry user French75. This sock yarn is in the color Marronnier (Chestnut Tree) and if you're not in my neck of the woods you can check out her stuff online at her etsy shop Here.

Friday, July 3, 2009

Attack of the UFOs!

Yesterday I stumbled upon the perfect summer pattern, Windansea:

For me, there is nothing better than the perfect floppy hat, and frankly I think I found it with this pattern. It simple and unassuming, what more does a girl need in a summer hat? After just one glance at Windansea I knew that I had to run out to the yarn store immediately after work to get the yarn to start.

It wasn't until after I had wound and swatched the yarn that, upon searching for an empty project bag, I realized that I have way too many UFOs (UnFinished Objects) in my project basket. Out of simple curiosity, I decided to pull everything out and take quick inventory:

Yikes! We've got...
  • Twist & Shout, one sleeve and assembly short of finished
  • Two original hats. One was commissioned by a co-worker in December; the other needs only about an inch to be completed but requires me to wind a second skein of yarn
  • Baby hat and booties, which are for my good friend's child that was born in May. Hat needs about 3-4 inches more, the booties need to be hemmed
  • In the Pink, which I put down just as I was to begin the home stretch, the edging
  • And of course the mitts that I am making for my Knit Knack buddy for our One Skein Exchange
  • Pictured also is Windansea, which, being the ever optimist, I'm hoping will break my nasty UFO pattern
And Just to be fair, here's my list of FO (Finished Objects) for 2009:
  • Shalom (which technically hasn't been blocked yet)

It's a sad, sad day when a knitter realizes that she has more UFOs then FOs for the entire year. But honestly, could you really blame me for wanting to start Windansea, especially once I was Seduced by the yarn color, Sorcery?