Thursday, March 4, 2010

Suzy Homemaker (for now)

Being home all day really is turning me into a crafty homemaker. Fret not, hubby, I'll be back to work in three weeks and hopefully just knitting again so the craft messes around the house should dwindle some!

Earlier in the week I spent some time making wall mounts for some awesome ABC cards that my little sister made for the baby. I wanted to figure out a way for them to hang on the wall, but also to easily come off the wall for the baby to learn/play with. Here's what I came up with:

Basically they are lines of ribbon which the ABC cards attach to with velcro. it was pretty simple to put together and I think I've already rearranged how they are displayed on the wall at least three times since Tuesday.

I have also started working on some dark curtains for the baby's room, in the hopes that a darker bedroom will make nap time a little smoother (we'll see on that count). After I lugged out my old 50+ pound hand-me-down sewing machine and got it all set up, I discovered that it was broken (again). After some searching around I figured out that it would be faster and cheaper for me to go out and buy a new simple sewing machine than to get the old one serviced.

My new singer sewing machine in all it's glory:

Don't assume that because I'm making curtains I'm some sort of seamstress. Oh, I can hem with the best of them (a skill I've developed because my hubby's legs are freakishly short in comparison to his height and they don't make men's pants that short) but beyond that all bets are off. I learned long ago that a curtain is just a series of simple hems and if you get a solid fabric people won't notice as much if they are crooked.

Naturally it's taking me longer to complete the curtains than it really should, but I've finished one and will hopefully be up to start the second one tonight.

As for the mitts I'm making, they are coming along swimmingly. So good, in fact, I'm toying with the idea of submitting the pattern to Knitty. For that reason, I'll not be posting pictures here for the time being (if the pattern is posted elsewhere in any form they won't accept the submission). I've got to check out their deadlines and see if it's even a possibility, but I'm stoked that this is one of my best original patterns in a while.

Coming soon to Knitosphere will be a preemie hat pattern that I developed for my cousin's baby. the stitch was inspired by A Scarf Askew (ravelry link) so it isn't a super original pattern and in my mind, not fitting to be submitted to a knitting mag. As soon as I get the kinks out it will be all yours!


  1. I love what you did with the cards. And this whole post. Happy sewing! p.s. i hope you don't mind i just added your blog to my blog list (on my blog). bloggy blog blog...