Thursday, January 20, 2011

Knit Still Happens

Oh blog, how I have forsaken you! Sure, at first it was a forced knitting hiatus, but then it just became laziness on my part. I did manage to get a few projects pumped out in the mean time, so to catch up...

I actually did a couple of these Morning Walk Headbands. They make great quick knits and you can get a couple out of a single skein of bulky. It also helps that they are in fashion right now (so I'm told by my 15 year old sister).

Of course I had to make a little cap for my new nephew, who joined our brood in December.

I finished up Skylar's Easy Baby Cardigan which I made out of the leftovers from my Twist & Shout Sweater. When she's 16 she's gonna hate that we were ever matching, but for now, she doesn't complain...much.

I also managed to bang out a pair of Maple Leaf Mittens for my Canadian friend, but forgot to snap a picture before she left to visit family.

Ooh oooh, and last night I happened to meet Sabrina, the amazing local spinner of Anzula yarns, which I had used to make Skylar's first Sweater. She's super sweet and I liked her in an instant. Even more amazing is that she remembered me from Ravelry and extended an invite to join her in her shop or at a knitting meet-up any time. Swoon!

But what has really been keeping me away is a new obsession...roller derby. I started skating with the local league in November, and now I'm drafted to one of their home teams and full on hooked on the sport. So naturally, looking for a little balance, I decided I should try to unite my two obsessions. I've already made several changes to the charts (on this one the wheels are way too big for my liking) but here's a sneak peak of the first prototype I've been working on:

It will probably take a little while to get the pattern to where I'm satisfied enough to post it and on top of that I went ahead and signed up for another swap, which means I'll be working on this on the side instead of primarily. Either way but I'm hoping to still be able to refining this pattern so I can get it posted here within a month or so.

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  1. YAY! You're back. I LOVE that you are doing Roller Derby and that hat is too much. My beginning knitting adventures are kind of pathetic so far, but you are an inspiration. Also a problem- I could spend way too much money on the yarn and needles as I build up my skills. Luckily I may inherit Matt's Grandma Lily's knitting stuff, as she was an avid and talented knitter who remember learning to knit as a small child using sticks from around the house so she wouldn't break her mother's good knitting needles.