Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Miracle Tuesday

My Nonny has been in the hospital since Sunday night. Monday morning I got a call from my mom that they didn't expect her to live past noon that day and the pneumonia she has comes with a 60-70% mortality rate. I took off work and spent the entire day by her bedside, waiting and watching as she was supposed to be dying. And then I did it again on Tuesday. When the doctor came in to see our family yesterday he literally called her a miracle - he hadn't expected to be seeing her again. I can hardly put to words what an emotional roller coaster this has been. Nonny's still not out of the woods, but today is another day that I have with her, and for that I'm thankful. I tell you what, that 87 year old woman is quite a fighter!

While bedside with Nonny I started and finished my own pattern for a cabled hat, which I think I'll probably call Tuesday's Miracle. I need to refine the pattern since the one I made turned out child sized and I want it to fit an adult. After that I'll post the pattern. I'll be back in the hospital with her tonight as well as on and off throughout the next week, so I'll probably be working on that more and posting blogs a lot less.

Another Tuesday Miracle, my nephew Cooper crawled for the first time! I got the text from my sis while with Nonny, so I told her and she grinned ear to ear. Here's a video of the benchmark:

I swear one of these day's I'll have a post that doesn't start with a catastrophe!


  1. Amazing. You and Noni have been in my thoughts. Can't wait to see the hat.

  2. Your nephew is adorable. And I'm so glad to hear that Noni is doing much better than expected.

  3. Hooray for BABY CRAWL!!! He picked it up fast. Miracle Tuesday is a great name for anything! Glad it is all working out.