Thursday, November 13, 2008

A Little Thing Called Gauge

The termite situation is nearing to a close - by tomorrow construction should be done on my walls and we'll have had a visit by our friendly neighborhood exterminator. The gods must have been smiling on us because this whole debacle hasn't set us back as much as I originally anticipated. Knock on wood! Knock on wood!
As any good knitter would, I used knitting to deal with my stress and was able to punch out a Pi Topper while making numerous To-Do lists (just ask my hubby how effective the lists are). Apparently I was a little more distracted than I thought because I didn't even notice how huge this was until after I had added on the embellishment. While it's perfect sized for a person with unruly dreadlocks, it's WAY too big for it's intended recipient, a middle aged woman going through chemo. Evidence:

Time to find a friend with dreads to gift this too, 'cause I'm sure as hell not frogging it! I've started over on this project with needles 3 sizes smaller, but the second time around it never goes as quickly. I've got an interpreting workshop this weekend, so I'm sure it'll be done soon enough.

In other news...

I broke my new knitter friend Erin's LYS cherry.
Erin had already become a major stasher of craft store yarn, so I figured she was ready for the next step in knitting addiction, the Local Yarn Store. She was so overwhelmed, which I knew because she kept repeating, "I'm so overwhelmed!"

I took her to the newest LYS in town, Swatches, which I had never been to before. It's a cute little shop where I met owner Fran and her friend/assistant/talky-talker Janet. I have to admit that I felt like a super baby knitter talking to them - I can't imagine what was going through Erin's 6-month-old-knitter mind! Talking to them did firm up my resolve to start working on creating my own patterns again. Here's what I got, which I'm thinking I'll make into some sort of lacy mitt:

The best part is that while I was there I got to meet Angela, the maker of True Love Fiber, the yarn porn from last post! She was really sweet and was sitting out front of the shop knitting with her son. I'll tell you this, there's nothing cuter than a boy knitting his first skull and crossbones washcloth!


  1. OK, three things. That hat is way cute. And if I had dreads, I'd offer to take it off your hands. But even my big head will be a tad small for that hat.

    That yarn makes me tingle. In my special place. :) I can't wait to see what you make out of it.

    And, finally, I LOVE your glasses where'd you get 'em? It wasn't a LensCrafters was it? They're fabulous and its time for me to get new frames.

  2. Thanks for linking me! Good news about your walls.
    Kazia is sitting here with me and when she saw your picture modeling the hat, she said,"Look Mommy, that's you!". LOL.
    Sweet yarn. I'm almost done with my dachshund draft stopper- I just need to perfect the head, then I'll write the pattern down.

  3. Steph - tingle, eh? Just you wait til you see what I make with it! The glasses are actually from Costco, and are made by Fendi (look ma, I got designer glasses for only 70 bucks!).

    Mary - Kaz is too cute! Give her a big ol' hug from me.

  4. LOL not sure if it was meant to be funny but the big hat story cracked me up! Glad the termite problem worked it's self out.

  5. yup, it's totally meant to be funny - keep on laughing!