Friday, November 7, 2008

Calorimetry Revisited

Two years ago, I like oh so many other knitters, excitedly knitted up a Calorimetry only to find that it was HUGE! Seriously, I've yet to find a knitter who was able to follow the pattern to specifications and yield a perfect Calorimetry. Here's mom being a good sport on Christmas day wearing the one I gifted to her:

Her extreme good will continued all through Christmas morning as she didn't take it off until all presents were unwrapped. Oh, and I forgot to mention that not only did I knit up one of these huge head coverings, I knit TWO! Evidence that I knit a second one, apparently hoping that it would magically turn out smaller than it's predecessor:

Denial. I know.

This was pretty much the last time these head coverings were seen until yesterday when I came across this monstrosity and decided to do something I've never had the heart to do before: I frogged the entire project. I've always though there was some level of shame in frogging, but in all actuality it was almost a cathartic experience, and on top of that I got to knit with this lovely Katia Mexico yarn again. Win-Win! Honestly, with the exception of the size issue, this pattern is a good and simple one to make - I don't think I spent more than an hour or two on this bad boy.

So with no further ado, I give you Calorimetry revisited:

Maybe I can get mom to pull her Calorimetry out of whatever closet she stashed it in so I can frog and reknit hers as well.

Yes, that is Mike in the background pretending to stab me with my own knitting needles


  1. I frogged mine, too. It was ginormous. And I don't have a tiny, little pin head. I frogged mine about a week after I made it. That was last winter. I haven't revisited it just yet. But you may have inspired me.

  2. I hope you do revisit it! I also found that it only took a few hours to redo it - which is great for instant gratification

  3. I've got the yarn set aside. Patons SWS in Natural Earth. I'm just going to reuse the same stuff. It turned out great. I just have to put it in my box o' knitting so I'll remember it. Hehehe... I said "box."

  4. When you redid it, did you just follow the same pattern or did you do something else? I'm looking to knit calorimetry but if it's going to turn out huge I'd like to know what you did to fix it.