Friday, February 19, 2010

Ravelympics after 1 week

We’re one week into the Winter games and Ravelympics, and I have some marginal progress on the blanket. I’ve knit two of the three additional squares, and have started on the third.

Bob Costas Commentary:

In a surprising development, Shannon experienced two false starts on that third square. She took the risk of not swatching with this one, and really is paying the price in this competition. This move, forgoing the swatch, isn’t normal for this knitter and one could say the pressure to get it done under the deadline guided this ultimately fruitless move. She’s put herself behind the game and should know better than to try to take such erratic shortcuts.

In between the knitting I’ve also gotten some good headway with the crochet borders on the other squares. So far I have finished the double crochet border on 13 of the 24 squares. Once I get the borders on, I’ll join them to each other with a slip stitch.

With nine days remaining, She’s really going to need to pick up the pace if she wants to make a showing at Ravelympics this year. We saw Shannon compete successfully in several events the 2008 summer Ravelympics games, however this is by far one of the biggest undertakings that she has ever done. Stay tuned as we see if she’ll be able to hold up under the pressure of this event.


  1. You need to tell Bob Costas to shut up. :)

  2. Let me tell you... you are doing much better then I am in my ravelympic quest.... keep up the good work.