Thursday, February 11, 2010

Makin' Memories

This isn’t a knitting project, but I’m proud of it nonetheless. While waiting to start my Ravelympics project I’ve painted a memory box for Skylar (all that remains to do is the gloss coating, but that first requires an outing to the craft store – perhaps tomorrow?).

Having lost my Birth Mom at a young age, I’ve always felt the importance of holding onto keepsakes and cherishing memories. Over the years I’ve had several memory boxes to hold the various trinkets and letters which for one reason or another are important to a child. I know that in my own way I have tried to hold onto those bits of my life that I worry I might otherwise forget. Those treasures are still boxed up somewhere in my Aunt-Mom’s attic where they have resided since I packed up my childhood room and went off to college. Perhaps someday soon it might be time to dig up these treasures again.

Nonetheless, with Skylar’s birth I realized that I already have some neat things that she might want to have for some future time – her hospital band, sweet letters and cards from family and friends, and a bracelet and locket which belonged to my Birth Mom and were given to me for Skylar at her birth by my Aunt-Mom.

Normally something like this wouldn’t take me too long to finish, but with the stop and go nature of being home with a two month old it took about a week to paint all of the butterflies. Here I am in all of my multi-tasking glory:

Whoops! How did that las pic get in here? Ah, well, that’s one of my secrets to good crafting, a nice glass of Yellow Tail.

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