Monday, September 7, 2009

Why Yes, Yes I am!

One of the most common things that folks ask me when they see me knitting is, "Are you pregnant?" (The second most common comment is always something oh so witty about being an old granny in a rocking chair. Very original, people). There's something about knitting that makes non-knitters assume that the only reason a person would do it is because they're old or nesting.

Historically this has been an annoyance to me but now, I can actually respond in the positive. Yup folks, after five years of marriage hubby and I have finally decided to reproduce. We're really excited to meet the little girl, who is currently due December 2.

Over the past few months of being pregnant, I have discovered that pregnant women spend countless hours in waiti
ng rooms. The remedy? This scarf, Waiting Room, which is interesting enough not to become boring and simple enough to quickly memorize. These factors combined make it easy to put down or pick up at a moments notice, a necessity when knitting on doctors' time lines. It also helps using a yarn that is delicious to the touch, such as the camel silk blend that I used by Anzula (check out the etsy shop at

The first shot above is for all you knit knackers who have been bugging me for a baby bump picture. Happy now?

for the pattern: Waiting Room

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  1. How great! Love, love, love! Best pattern name ever. I've got Fugazi's song "Waiting Room" going through my head now.

  2. Congratulations!!!!! Love the design of the scarf!