Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Scarves keep resolutions better than I do

I got the scarf completed with just enough time for it to do a quick workout on the Iron Gym before embarking on it's marathon to the Special Olympics. Ah, dear Red Heart Super Saver - should I never be forced to wrap my fingers around you again for knitting I would be a happy lass indeed!

I've put aside the much frustrated mitts that I was trying to design. Really, I'm doing this for the good of the mitts, definitely not because I've got a tasty new skein of Knit Picks Imagination in Pixie Dust which I desperately want to making into a lacy tam. And no, I haven't been pouring over my size 4 needles yarn-over-ing my eyes out.

Okay, okay, I know, I've got knitter's ADD. That sweater only needs one more time to that button band, that scarf Askew could be bound off, those slippers for Guy need to felted, those last 5 of 20 wonderful/damned Knit Knack blanket squares need to be punched out by the end of the month...

I'm seeing a pattern here in which I almost reach the finish line and then I jump into a new race.

As for those mitts, well, just because I'm not actively knitting them doesn't me I'm not working on them. I've already got a few ideas of how to make it better, one of which involves a provisional cast on. I dislike doing a provisional cast on, but I know that for what I have in mind this will yield the best results. The other is to make them just a tad larger - I don't exactly have tiny hands and while they did fit on, the cable got all stretched out and cattywonkus (yes, it's a real word). I swear, after I finish all the aforementioned projects I'll get back to these bad boys.


  1. Cattywonkus is indeed a real word. I use it along with hickeydoo and grizzlesnatch.

    I've been pretty much snowbound in the house and have had no excuse to not finish my squares. Last night I started unraveling a thrift store sweater to break up the monotony.

  2. Wow. You should contact iron gym and notify them of a new use. Looks like it works swimmingly as a scarf holder.