Friday, April 30, 2010

No Cents Spring Cleaning Swap

Hands down, one of the best things about my knitting group are the swaps. Several times a year we do a secret swap in which we are assigned a secret buddy for whom we knit a specific kind of something (like a purse) or something within a certain theme (like naughty knits). This time our theme was particularly awesome: No Cents Spring Cleaning Swap. Basically we had to put together a package for our buddy with no less than 4 no more than 8 items that we already have or could make with resources we had so that the only money spent would be on postage.

Naturally, I had a blast putting together my No Cents care package for my buddy, and I knitted up a Tuesday's Miracle in red for her.

Of course I was in such a rush to make sure I mailed it by the deadline I forgot to get pictures of anything else, but I'm hoping she'll take a snapshot or two of what she received.

Lucky me, yesterday when I was having a bad day (for no particular reason) I came home to a nice care package from Knit Knacker Jeanne (lilpixiestix). Yay! What a way to end a crappy day! She knit me this gorgeous Red scarf (the color is a little off because of the lighting) out of Misti Alpaca Pima Cotton silk:

You better believe I wore that bad boy all day today, even when my office mate insisted on setting the heater to "sauna."

Jeanne was also nice enough to include two hanks of the Misti in a pretty pink shade:

And the rest of the loot:

In addition to the two hanks, I got a great magnetic notepad with an "S" on it (I'm wondering why that was laying around her place, since there isn't an S in her name), two sets of light up needles, and two wonderful smelling lotions. I'm particularly stoked about the light up needles. That's something that I have thought about buying countless times for night knitting on long car rides, but could never really justify. Now I don't have to. Thanks Jeanne!

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