Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Little Did I Know...

It’s been a while since I’ve updated Knitosphere because of a major change in my life, the addition of my daughter Skylar Sheree. Whoa nelly has the world changed since she entered our lives on December third! Yup, that concept of “everything is going to change” is a cliché for a reason.

The biggest change that I did not expect was how little knitting time I would actually have. In all sincerity I actually thought that I would have more time for knitting while on maternity leave. Oh my blissfully naivety! Images of me happily knitting while my cherub suckled at my breast were replaced with the frustrating reality that it takes two hands and a lot of false starts to get a hungry screaming baby latched on, then continual monitoring because she is a “bad eater.” (La Leche Leaguers relax, no need to give me advice, I have been working with a lactation specialist). This wasn’t the only knitting bubble that was burst – I also imagined that I would be able to knit while Sky
lar napped. Ha! Turns out that nap time isn’t just for baby!

Now, nearly 8 weeks later I am finally finding my knitter groove, one little row at a time. Sure, it’s not as much knitti
ng as I had anticipated, but I am pleasantly surprised with the progress that I am able to make in small bursts while I pump breast milk or hold a sleeping baby in my arms - that one took a little bit of figuring out on my part, Proof that it works:


  1. A Beautiful Baby, and a Beautiful Mama!!

  2. Great web log Shannon. Pretty sweet pic.