Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Instant Gratification Achieved

The problem with trying to design patterns is that if I want to try to get them published, I can't post pictures and talk about them before I submit them. With that said, I've been dedicating all of my knitting time to some originals and the lovely Twist & Shout which all in all makes for some lousy blogging! I'm a knitter who loves some instant gratification, so you can imagine how keeping hush-hush about my projects and working on a sweater can be akin to torture for me. The remedy? These simple mitts:

These are inspired by the pair that Stephapalooza gave me during one of the last swaps, which I wear on a daily basis. They are simple and I'm thinking I might need to make a pair in every color! These ones are knit in 2nd Time Cotton by Knit one Crochet two in Scottish Moor colorway (which I also used to make myself a Reasonably Hip hat).

This is what I did in a nutshell:
CO 30 stitches
knit garter stitch for approx. 3.5 inches
k 8, bo 8 sts, k across rem sts
k to bo sts, co 8 sts, k across rem sts
knit garter for 3.5 inches more
bo all sts
use mattress stitch to sew seam.

rinse, lather, repeat. Always repeat.


  1. I feel the same way. My shawl is close to being finished, but I can't really make an interesting blog about it. I'm dying to see what the super secret projects are though!

  2. I'm dying to show you! We'll see if they get accepted - not sure if they're good enough, but you never know until you try!